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With 20 years of professional experience working for clients such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and numerous production companies, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in a vast array of film and television techniques.

Drama, commercials, film, pop promos and documentary are all fields in which I work.


My approach to how I work is based on the belief in how a frame can alter the way you feel by it’s composition and lighting. The lighting is of course a key part of this process, and experimenting with the creation of different moods and styles to heighten the dramatic effect within a scene is as much a passion as a necessity.


It is important to me that I provide an easy,

helpfull and stress free colaboration with

the director and producers to assist and support them within the visual process.


This is how I approach every project,

working closely with directors and producers to ensure that their vision is ultimately what

is put on to the screen.

Andy Clark

Director of Photography/ operator

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